Fylde Community Link | Quality (DUQ)

Driving up Quality

In February 2014, Fylde Community Link signed up to the Driving up Quality Code.  The aim of the Code is to drive up quality services for people with learning disabilities that go beyond minimum standards.  The Code reinforces Fylde Community Link's ethos around person-centred approaches and continuous improvement.

In July 2014 we held an event to let people know about Driving up Quality.  The aim of this was to raise awareness about the Driving up Quality Code.   Everyone who attended the Driving up Quality event was given the opportunity to be open and honest and to look at what we were doing well, what we could improve on and what we should stop doing.

The success of the day allowed us to draw on feedback to create a Driving up Quality Self-Assessment Action Plan, which linked directly to Organisational objectives.

Our Driving up Quality Self-Assessment Action Plan can be found here.


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